The Climate Impact Lab, an affiliated center of EPIC, has formed a partnership with the U.N Development Programme (UNDP) to develop an interactive mapping tool to visualize and communicate the climate risk dimension of human security.

The partnership was unveiled this week in a new UNDP report, “New Threats to Human Security in the Anthropocene: Demanding Greater Solidarity,” featuring research and findings from the Climate Impact Lab.

This spring, the Lab will launch a pilot platform that will provide scenarios of the effects of climate change on people everywhere for the next eight decades. The interactive platform will translate global physical changes, such as more annual days of extreme heat, into impacts on human welfare, health, and security. The platform will serve as a public good that will allow people and policymakers across the globe to visualize future scenarios, anticipate risks, and provide information for local, national, and global action.

As the Climate Impact Lab completes new research on additional categories of climate impacts, this living platform will serve as the foundation for developing a more comprehensive mapping of climate impacts. The platform will visualize the welfare dimension of climate change, showing the heterogeneity of impacts both between and within countries, and serving as a tool to help the world address these threats and build a sustainable future.

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