What does climate change and national security have to do with each other?  Everything according to international science and military experts. They say changing weather patterns effect food and freshwater availability resulting in a competition for resources and possible political instability.  We take a closer look at the issue on Scientific Chicago with retired Brig. Gen. Stephen Cheney, CEO of the American Security Project, Elisabeth Moyer, co-director of the University of Chicago’s Center for Robust Decision Making on Climate and Energy Policy, and Andrew Holland, senior fellow for Energy and Climate from the American Security Project.

As we saw in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, flooding affected food, shelter and freshwater availability, and the massive displacement of people resulted in competition for resources and instability. The Pentagon warns that disastrous weather patterns bring food and water scarcity, and multiplies the threats to global stability. For two days, the Chicago Council on Science and Technology will devote a number of events on “Climate Change and the Risks to National Security.”

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Climate Change
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