By Jim Lane

Q: Tell us about your role and what you are focused on in the next 12 months.

A: After a decade as the bioenergy technology leader, I just created a new role building a new initiative in water. Water is a critical barrier to sustainable energy in general, and bioenergy in specific.

I am assembling a regional team to address the spectrum of water issues in fresh water systems including, water allocation, data, modeling, and analysis, sensors and detectors, treatment, reuse, efficiency, and tech-to-market. One area of note is enhancing anaerobic digestion to produce high quality biogas. Biogas can now qualify as an advanced or cellulosic biofuel.

Over the next twelve months we will build out the water team. We will assess the sustainability of water in bioenergy production. We will push pilot our WTE biogas technology.

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Areas of Focus: Environment
Producing and using energy damages people’s health and the environment. EPIC research is quantifying the social costs of energy choices and uncovering policies that help protect health while facilitating growth.