(L-R) Chen Wei Hu (College ’27), Tanvi Siddhaye (College ’25), Ari Pribadi, Senior Managing Director of Marathon Capital (Photo by Jean Lachat)

Team Green Data decided to focus on the Fortune 500 logistics company United Parcel Service, a large player in the logistics market and an equally large CO2 emitter on the global scale. Given the large share of Scope 1 emissions in total gross Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions, they chose to focus primarily on Scope 1 emissions solutions. For each of their solutions, Green Data have analyzed past data for revenues, profits, costs for renewable energy and technology for the past 4 fiscal years, as well as making projections of those metrics from 2024 to 2040.

Their solution involves a total adoption of sustainable aviation fuels, total ground transportation electrification, and 100% electricity from renewable sources by 2040 in order to reduce UPS’ scope 1 and 2 emissions to zero by 2040.

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