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Climate change is a top priority for President Biden and leaders around the world as they prepare to meet at the next international climate summit, COP26, in November. But how big of a priority is it for the American public? How much would they pay out of their own wallets to confront climate change? Do American support the buildup of more renewable energy—including in their own backyards? And, where do they stand on key issues like putting a fee on fossil fuels, cleaning up minority and disenfranchised communities, and providing aide to developing countries to help them transition to clean energy?

Join EPIC as we host a conversation with our 2021-2022 policy fellows Carlos Curbelo and Heather McTeer Toney. Curbelo and McTeer Toney will dig into the results of an upcoming EPIC/AP-NORC poll conducted annually to track opinions on central topics shaping the energy and climate landscape in the United States.

This event is part of EPIC’s Energy Inquiry & Impact Series, designed to explore the latest energy data coming out of the University of Chicago and their impacts on policy discussions. Cutting-edge findings will serve as the launching pad to frame these deep-dive conversations, as researchers and EPIC policy fellows navigate ways to translate research into solutions.

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Areas of Focus: Public Opinion on Energy & Climate Change
Public Opinion on Energy & Climate Change
How important is fighting climate change to the American public? An annual poll released with The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research gives insight.