Professor Michael Greenstone runs the Energy Policy Institute at The University of Chicago and also serves as their Milton Friedman Distinguished Service Professor in Economics. A former member of The White House Council of Economic Advisors, he is the nation’s foremost expert on the costs of climate change, and he has quietly creating a new solution to credibly reduce and eliminate carbon pollution through a new non-profit, Climate Vault. Climate Vault’s approach uses the power of government regulated compliance markets to purchase and ‘vault’ carbon permits, preventing polluters from using them. In addition, Climate Vault will help create the world’s first ecosystem for carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technologies by providing grants that spur innovation to help make these technologies viable and cost effective. Their supporters are industry leaders that view Climate Vault’s solution as a key part of a verifiable, transparent and impactful carbon reduction to help make net zero emissions achievable today. Join us for this Earth Day discussion as one of the nation’s foremost experts on climate change shares how business is a vital part of the solution.