Join HEEA and the Booth Energy Group as we co-host Serguei Netessine, Dhirubhai Ambani Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Operations, Information, and Decisions Department at the Wharton School. Professor Netessine will be sharing and answering questions about his research on the effects of carbon taxes on investments in clean energy technologies. Due to the intermittency of renewables and the liberalization of energy markets, carbon taxes may cause investments to shift away from zero emission energy generation and toward more efficient, but still GHG reliant, generators.

Electricity storage technologies are becoming more economically viable to deploy at utility scale with the potential to mitigate the intermittency and variability of renewables like wind and solar, and eventually replace fossil fuel power plants, but it’s not well understood how to efficiently deploy and pair these technologies in a still evolving market. In some cases, storage can be thought of as a “strategic complement,” while under other market conditions they turn into “strategic substitutes.”

Professor Netessine will discuss these effects and provide recommendations for policy, investments, and optimal technology choices.