Four student members of the Abrams Environmental Law Clinic (Cole Francis ’17, Molly Jardine ’17, Nick Oliver ’16 and Anna Sims ’16) will present a report that addresses barriers to the disclosure of energy use data from utilities to energy efficiency entrepreneurs. The reduction or removal of these barriers should increase private market investment in cost-effective energy efficiency, save consumers money, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Abrams Environmental Law Clinic at the University of Chicago Law School is dedicated to addressing some of the most pressing environmental problems in our region and country. The Clinic challenges those who pollute illegally; fights for stricter permits; advocates for changes to regulations and laws; holds environmental agencies accountable; and develops innovative approaches for protecting and improving the environment.

Through its advocacy, the Clinic is also developing the next generation of environmental advocates and leaders. By taking an active role in the Clinic’s efforts, University of Chicago law students engage in and develop an appreciation for the range of strategic and tactical approaches that effective advocates use. Since the Clinic’s inception in 2012, participation has grown from four students to seventeen.