Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February, the world has been reminded of the challenges of meeting our energy security needs while keeping them in line with our decarbonization goals. European leaders plan to wean the continent off Russian energy as they scour the world for natural gas to manage the coming winter. At the same time devastating floods in Pakistan, Korea, the US, and elsewhere, along with record-breaking heatwaves and drought are ever present reminders that our climate is changing faster and more visibly. But there are also some reasons for optimism—with the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act and $369 billion for clean energy, the US has finally signaled to the rest of the world that climate is a legislative priority. At this critical moment, we are convening to discuss the most urgent challenges across the globe with the foremost experts, leaders, and visionaries in energy geopolitics and the energy transition.

Join us Wednesday, October 12 for our eighth annual Columbia Global Energy Summit held at Columbia University.