Don’t miss your chance to get expert insights on the economy and ecology from UChicago professors, Michael Greenstone, the director of EPIC, and Dipesh Chakrabarty.

The speakers will share their respective expertise on the economy and ecology to uncover how these two fields interact, overlap, and shape each other. Greenstone and Chakrabarty will give special attention to climate change, particularly as it relates to the pandemic and large environmental issues.

Moderated by ABC News correspondent Rebecca Jarvis, AB ’03, this virtual event is the latest in the series A Meeting of the Minds: Business and the Human, sponsored by Booth and the Stevanovich Institute on the Formation of Knowledge. Save your spot today for this thought-provoking, engaging discussion with renowned experts from our UChicago community.

Areas of Focus: Energy Markets
Energy Markets
Well-functioning markets are essential for providing access to reliable, affordable energy. EPIC research is uncovering the policies, prices and information needed to help energy markets work efficiently.