Themes & Topics

EPIC’s research focuses on three research themes that define the global energy challenge: energy markets, the environment, and climate change. Within those overarching themes, EPIC-affiliated faculty conduct ground-breaking research on a range of specific topics.

Research Theme

Energy Markets

Well-functioning markets are essential for providing access to reliable, affordable energy. EPIC research is uncovering the policies, prices and information needed to help energy markets work efficiently.
Areas of Focus / Research Theme

Climate Change

Climate change is an urgent global challenge. EPIC research is helping to assess its impacts, quantify its costs, and identify an efficient set of policies to reduce emissions and adapt to a changing world.
Areas of Focus / Research Theme


Producing and using energy damages people’s health and the environment. EPIC research is quantifying the social costs of energy choices and uncovering policies that help protect health while facilitating growth.

Affiliated Centers & Initiatives

EPIC’s affiliated centers and initiatives all contribute to the broader mission of confronting the global energy challenge.