Urban Sustainability

Urban Sustainability

Addressing fundamental issues of urban sustainability effectively and with foresight requires the leveraging of resources and insight across a wide spectrum of fields and disciplines, including science and technology, the social sciences, urban planning, and public health.

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Apr 29 2014
Dimitri Kusnezov, Department of Energy:  The Science in Policy

12:00 PM - 1:20 PM
Harris School of Public Policy | Room 140C

May 6 2014
Andy Frank and Matt Gee: #OpenEnergyData

12:00 PM - 1:20 PM
Harris School of Public Policy | Room 140C

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EPIC Affiliate Profiles - Cristina Negri

EPIC Affiliate Profiles - Cristina Negri photo

As an agronomist and soil scientist, M. Cristina Negri leads the phytotechnologies R&D activities at Argonne National Laboratory. Phytotechnologies encompass the treatment of environmental problems through the use of plants. She was the scientific lead in the deployment and monitoring of multi-acre field scale phytoremediation installations and for the development of a phyto- and bio-remediation R&D project in Russia. Her interests also focus on input-efficient approaches to growing energy crops, water efficiency in growing biofuel crops, and on the advanced treatment and reuse of wastewater and other impaired water. She also currently leads Argonne’s Women in Science and Technology Program. Previous work included developing a proprietary technology for the decontamination of cesium-137 contaminated milk and other commodities from the Chernobyl area, and the demonstration of a soil washing technology for the decontamination of a plutonium-contaminated soil. Before Argonne, Cristina worked in private industry in Italy where she oversaw research and communications for a leading environmental business.

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